TypeScript Angular RxJS Agile Architecture
11. March 2024
RxJS Mastery - How to build streams

Use RxJS without frustration. Build your streams step-by-step.

6. November 2023
19. February 2024
RxJS Mastery - RxJS Patterns: a robust HTTP-based search input

Implement a search field with only 10 RxJS operators.

18. February 2024
RxJS Mastery - #71 Mathematical and Aggregator Operators

Mathematical and aggregator operators are other utility operators.

Tip of the Day

RxJs take(1) vs. first()

When using first() you run into an error if no values are emitted and the observable completes:

).toBe('#', undefined, new EmptyError());

The take(1) operator just completes without error:

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RxJS Mastery

A series of compact blog posts about RxJS concepts and operators.

28. January 2024
RxJS Mastery - #70 Conditional and Boolean Operators

Filter some values or check states.

19. January 2024
RxJS Mastery - More safety for RxJS through eslint

Avoid common mistakes through automated checks.

29. December 2023 14 min read
RxJS Mastery - Testing approaches compared

How do the setup and verification steps of the tests look like?

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8. October 2022 9 min read
Why you should stop using boolean @Input in Angular

Four problematic cases with alternative.

18. September 2022 13 min read
An Abstract CI/CD Architecture

Incrementally constructed abstract CI/CD Architecture.

27. November 2021 12 min read
Angular Schematics - Add Method to an HTTP Service

How to add a POST call method via CLI.

11. November 2021 10 min read
Angular Schematics - Generate an Http Service

Create a custom schematic to generate http services.

10. November 2021
Rule Apparatus - Simple TypeScript Rule Engine

A minimalist rule engine available as npm package.

13. September 2021
29. April 2021
Webpack Module Federation in Angular

A short tutorial and comparison with traditional approaches for Angular microfrontends.

25. May 2021
User Stories Defined From a User's Perspective

What advantages does it have to take a user's view?

19. May 2021 6 min read
Why Agile Teams Should Be Self-Organising

What actually means self-organisation for an Agile Team? What is behind it?

3. May 2021
TypeScript Coding Challenge #4 - Type for Required Fields

We implement a generic type that reduces a type to only the required fields.

7. February 2021 4 min read
Cypress e2e Testing in the Jenkins Pipeline

Learn how to setup a Jenkins build pipeline stage for the execution of the cypress tests.

1. April 2021
TypeScript Coding Challenge #3 - Type Chainable Options

Today we want to create types for an object with chainable method calls.

14. February 2021
The Cost of Not Releasing Software Frequently

A comparison of release frequencies and the influence on business value.

29. March 2021
TypeScript Coding Challenge #2 - String Compression

Our task is to write a function that does String compression in TypeScript.

23. February 2021
Mocking Observables in JavaScript Tests

There are different ways to test components that involve Observables.

15. March 2021
TestProject — Test Automation Made Easy

We try out TestProject, a free e2e test automation platform.

13. March 2021
Getting Started with Cypress e2e Testing in Angular

How to add and run cypress tests in Angular.

28. February 2021
TDD — 5 IDE Helpers to Make Development Easier

Use IDE shortcuts for shorter feedback cycles.

19. March 2021
TypeScript Coding Challenge #1 - All Unique Characters

Implement an algorithm to check if a string has all unique characters (without data structures).

2. February 2021
TDD — Test-driven FizzBuzz Example

This famous programming task is tackled by applying TDD.